Simmons Beautyrest Hospitality Collection Felicity Hotel Mattress.

Leslie writes:

Hello Pete,
I would like to know which commercially available Beautyrest mattress is the same as the Beautyrest Hospitality Collection Felicity Hotel Mattress.  
We love the Felicity mattress and hope to purchase it locally.
Thank you in advance,

Hi Leslie,
The short can’t.
If you were to look up customer reviews on Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, you’ll find them to be no less than horrible.

Simmons has changed over the years...but quite dramatically, this year alone.
Everything they now make is loaded with memory foam.
Even if you were to purchase it from the hotel with the Felicity name, it wouldn’t have the same specifications as the one you slept on.

Because of the memory foam, a new Beautyrest mattress only lasts a couple of years.
The investment group that now own Simmons and Serta, are only interested in greater profits, made through selling more mattresses.
As opposed to making the quality products from years ago.

With Sealy and Stearns & Foster now owned by Tempurpedic, the same thing has happened to them, as well.
In fact, there isn’t a name brand mattress left, that’s worth buying.

It’s the pre-compressed, individually pocketed coils, that make a Beautyrest mattress so comfortable. 
Each coil moves independently from the others, contouring to your body and maintaining the natural alignment of your spine.

I suggest the same coil system from Natura of Canada’s Greenspring line.
They use stronger coils and high quality natural latex memory foam.
It what we sleep on, at home...and what I recommend for you...for the comfort and support you want that will last for many years.
Shown here:
Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top. Experience deeper, more restorative sleep with the Liberty Plush Euro Mattress. Lush helpings of natural ingredients come together ...

The Plush EuroTop, at the top of the page, is the most comfortable of the 5 models.
Thanks, Pete


Hi Peter,
Thank you for your detailed reply.  
We're sorry to hear that the leading mattress companies are driving corporate profits as the primary mission above quality.  
I retired from that corporate world so I understand fully. 
Not that I agree... However, the Beautyrest "Felicity" that we've slept on many times in various hotels over the last year has been incredibly comfortable.  
If they're failing that fast, how is it that hotels would make that investment?  
And why wouldn't I see the product's deterioration over time.  
Most of the hotels remodeled in 2016 so I'd expect to see some change by now.

Of the Greenspring collection what are the differences in the top three models listed?  I wan't quite prepared to spend $3k.  
Would we find either of the next two to be acceptable? We're both 60 year olds, good health and weighing between 140-180 lbs.    
Also, when does one change out the box springs/foundation?  
The foundation I now have was a bundled purchase with the Serta Perfect Sleeper we now sleep on....approximately 9 years old.  
Thanks again for your input, and Happy New Year.

Hi Leslie,
Many of the hotel mattresses are older.
Simmons went to all memory foam this past June. So that change is very recent.
Hotels are more concerned with making there guest comfortable, than with the durability of the mattress.
And the pocketed coil unit of the Beautyrest has always provided the greatest degree of comfort.
Hotel rooms are filled on a rotating basis...not filled every night.
This is, basically, part time opposed to every night use at home.

A king set of the mattress I recommended to you is only $2300....NOT $3K.
The quality of the components is very high, making it a very long lasting mattress.
Over the life of the mattress, it’ll cost you far less than anything else you can buy.

After 9 years, a new foundation is recommended.
By using your old boxspring, you’ll save a little, but you’ll void the warranty of the new mattress.
Thanks, Pete


Hi Peter
Is that $2300 inclusive of a new foundation?

Hi Leslie,
Yes...Also, free white glove delivery and no sales tax.
So, that $2300 is your total with NOTHING more to add

Thanks, Pete

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Thanks, Pete

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