EverEden All Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Topper is Much Better Than Memory Foam.

Manny writes:
Peter, your knowledge amazes me! I so appreciate your answers. Here is my dilemma. 
We purchased a S&F mattress with a pillowtop, but the mattress the store delivered has no pillowtop, and it's hard as a rock. 
So we put the old 2" memory foam topper back on, until the right mattress could be delivered. 
My question is, how does the 2" memory foam compare to the pillowtop? The mattress is still pretty firm. 
Would we be better off with a latex topper, as I see you often recommend. 
Thanks, Manny

Hi Manny,
What you have is a blessing in disguise. 
Nobody like to receive something other than what they ordered. But, in this case, it will service you better in the long run.
The memory foam topper and the pillowtop are very similar in that neither is worth the money they cost. 
Neither will keep its shape very long and both are, basically, worthless when it comes to long term comfort.

Call the store and have them refund the difference between what you bought and what you got. 
Put that money toward an EverEden All Natural 2" Soft Talalay Latex mattress topper and you will have all the surface comfort you need to sleep deeply. 
The firm mattress under it provides excellent support...support your spine needs.
Latex is far more comfortable and far more resilient than the memory and poly foams used in the pillowtops.
Latex sleeps cool, while memory foam sleeps hot.
The latex topper will absorb most of your body weight, which greatly extends the life of the mattress.
Here's a link to those latex toppers:

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Thanks, Pete

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