Simmons Beautyrest Silver 1 Series Luxury Firm Mattress.

Erik writes:

Hi Pete,
I placed an order, from a local big box furniture retailer, for a Simmons Beautyrest Silver 1 Series Luxury Firm King Mattress. 
I placed this order after trying out a few beds in this retailer's store, as well as some in another big box mattress retailer's store. 
I'm one who tends to do a fair amount of research before making a purchase such as this.
But this time, I went against my nature and made the decision to purchase a mattress strictly on feel, without knowing anything about the mattress .
I didn't make a note of the distinguishing characteristics (e.g., layers of foam in the comfort padding) of the particular mattress at the time I placed the order. So, I called the retailer to find out. The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress, I ordered, has layers of memory foam
Would you say this is equivalent to the Great Lakes Cove Beautyrest Luxury Firm model that you carry? 
If so, you carry it for about $150 less, plus the tax savings. :) 
Would you say this is a good choice for someone who tends to sleep mostly on his side, but also sleeps occasionally on his back and stomach.
My wife has the same sleeping habits. I'm a lightweight at 6 ft., approx. 155 lbs; my wife is 5'9", approx. 140 lbs.
Thanks, Erik

Hi Erik,
I prefer to see adults in a Platinum Series Beautyrest, rather than in a Silver Series model. The Platinum models are beefier and have a higher coil count.
However, being slender people, and not exerting a lot of pressure, you can get away with buying a Great Lakes Cove, where heavier people cannot.
The Silver 1 Series has only one Luxury Firm model. So, regardless of the model name at other retailers, they would be exactly the same.
Here are links to the Silver 1 and Platinum Series Simmons Beautyrest models.
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Thanks, Pete

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