Simmons Beautyrest Plush vs. Stearns and Foster Latex mattress

Hi Pete,
I am trying to decide between a Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Plush mattress and a Stearns and Foster latex mattress. 
am told S&F now has a new type of latex that is "more breathable" and not as hot. 
Not feeling "movement" from my partner on the mattress is important, as is a "cool" mattress & durability. 
What is your opinion on latex vs. innerspring? 
Thanks, Les

Hi Les,
You're going to need some more accurate information before making a decision. 
Some of what you've been fed is a somewhat slanted view of the truth.
Latex does not sleep hot. Memory foam sleeps hot. 
Between this "new type of latex" and the latex that's been made for nearly a century, there is no difference in heat. They both sleep cool.
The so-called, "new type of latex", S&F refers to as "smart latex", a euphemism used to describe "synthetic latex", as opposed to natural latex.
While all latex is superior to other types of foams, synthetic latex does not wear as well or as long as natural latex. 
No toxic chemicals are used to make synthetic latex. Rather, it's a molecular clone of natural latex.
Also, Tempurpedic now owns S&F, and there's memory foam in everything they make...even their latex mattresses.

When it comes to reducing motion transfer, no mattress does a better long term job of it that the Simmons Beautyrest. 
That being said, a plush Beautyrest is among the worst mattresses you can buy. If you search for consumer reviews, they're horrible.
The plush models use a very thin gauge wire for the coils, creating a greater depth of softness with a soft coil that doesn't hold up worth a damn.
We carry Simmons Beautyrest, but if you look at them on my website, you'll notice that none of their plush models are listed there. 
The plush models are warranty claim waiting to happen. 
Many people are drawn to them and buy them because they have an initial feel that is very comfortable...a feel that is lost within months of purchase. 
They are an easy sale for the salespeople and a nightmare for the consumer afterwards.

What we often recommend is a luxury firm Beautyrest for greater longevity and better spinal support.
Add to that, a 2" layer of "ALL Natural" soft Talalay Latex as a mattress topper. 
This combination is a wonderful alternative to the price of an all latex mattress. 
The latex topper provides the same surface comfort as an all latex mattress. 
In terms of longevity, you can expect about 10 years from this combination sleep system. 
A natural latex mattress will last about 20 years....not so much with synthetic latex.

Here are links to the Simmoms Beautyrest Platinum Sandy Springs in Luxury Firm, and to the EverEden all natural Talalay Latex Topper.
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If an all latex mattress is what you want, you won't want to waste your money on synthetic latex and memory foam.

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Thanks, Pete

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