Steel Bed Frames for mattresses.

Augustina writes:

Hi Pete,
Why do frames need to be replaced? 
My retailer is insisting that I buy a new steel bed frame for my new mattress set.
Seems like they're steel and would last for ages. 
Please help.
Thanks, Augustina

Hi Augustina,
Well, I guess auto repair places aren't the only people who try to take advantage of their female customers.
Bed frames need to be replaced when they are broken or bent....something you can tell by looking at it. 
If you are replacing an older mattress, in queen, your old frame may not have a center support. It's imperative that it does.
However, you can buy a universal center support that will fit your frame...and for a whole lot less than a whole new frame.
Center supports aren't normally necessary for twin or full size beds. 
But if you're a heavy weight person, the center support becomes important for the life of the mattress....even in those smaller sizes.
The universal center support telescopes to fit twin through queen sizes.


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Thanks, Pete