A Plush Mattress That Will Hold Up Well Under Large People.

Hi Pete,
We purchased a Spring Air mattress, and after about a month it began to sag a little. Now that's it's a few years old, it's really shot. 
We like the plush feeling of that mattress, but it just didn't  hold up over time. 
We are large people. I am about 230 lbs and my wife is about 150 lbs. 
Do you have any suggestions as to what type of mattress may be best for us? 
Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,
You have to first understand that a mattress is an upholstered item. 
And as such, it's pressure sensitive....meaning that there is a direct relationship between how much weight you apply to it and how well it will hold up.
In today's market, you also have to avoid products that are designed to fail quickly, like memory foam and pillowtops. Even average weight people will want to avoid those.
Getting a mattress with a plush feel that will also keep it's shape gets trickier with heavier people than light weight people. 
The mattress needs to be strong and firm to support your kind of weight. There is no getting around that. 
However, you can still have a soft sleeping surface. And it's at the surface where you need that softness...not deep inside, which must provide firm support.

While this may sound complicated, it's surprisingly simple and easy if you know what to look for. What you mattress lacked, was quality...something you assumed it had, but didn't. 
There is no substitute for quality and the highest quality upholstery material is latex. Even soft Talalay latex is far more resilient that the materials used in your mattress.
So, you'll start with one of the strongest innerspring mattresses available...a Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree in luxury firm. 
Shown here:

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You'll add to that, an EverEden All Natural 2" Soft Talalay Latex Topper.
Shown here:

Soften the surface of a too firm mattress. Insulate yourself from the memory foam in your mattress to Sleep Cool. Extend the comfort life of your mattress.
This combination sleep system will provide you with everything you need and want. 
The triple strand wire coils are extremely strong, providing you with the support your weight demands.
The soft Talalay Latex topper is extraordinarily comfy...comfort that will not compress. 
Not only will these items give you comfortable and supportive night's sleep, it will last for years...providing you with the value you didn't get with your current mattress.
Despite what you'll hear from the salespeople at the stores, it's not only about comfort. There's a whole lot more to a good night's sleep than that.
When it comes to getting your money's worth, it helps to understand the relationship between the pressure your body applies to the mattress and the quality of the materials in the mattress.
We are.large people, too. We have home tested this sleep system combination at home and know that it will work for you...work well...and for a good long time.

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Thanks, Pete

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