EverEden Firm Dunlop Latex Mattress with Soft Talalay Latex Top for a Stomach Sleeper.

Ellen writes:

Dear Mattress Expert,
I wonder if you might help me make a decision about a mattress.
I'm a 5'3" stomach and side sleeper. Combination sleeping I know is not easy to satisfy but mostly my stomach loves feeling a bit "lifted up". 
Recently I purchased an all-natural dunlop latex bed in 3 layers (M,F,F.) The ILDs seem equivalent to about 24 and 34. 
The 7 zones on it worked against me and left me with back pain so the seller is willing to switch out the top 2 layers and give me non-zoned latex (also all-natural dunlop.)
My 2 questions are:
Does this type of foam sink or hammock a little bit? It seems to feel that way; as if compared to the edges, the rest of the mattress hammocks a bit. 
I wonder if any foam can hold up my stomach the way I need to omit back pain in which case I would go back to springs.
Also, is it possible that I will still feel that zoned bottom layer through the 2 new non-zoned layers? (Princess and the pea!)
Any insight you can share would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you, Ellen

Hi Ellen,
A stomach sleeper on a mattress that is soft, will cause the arch in the small of your back to exaggerate...causing pain.
A firm mattress for a stomach sleeper is a must.
That is not to say that you are relegated to sleeping on a firmer bed. Only the support needs to be firm. 
The surface padding can and should be softer to relieve pressure points and blood flow, and to relax your muscles for a deep night's sleep. 
THAT, is best achieved by add a 2" layer of soft Talalay Latex...which is durable, as well as comfortable.
Latex comes in a variety of qualities...depending on who, how and where its made. 
High quality latex needs no zoning, which is one of the many gimmicks put forth by the mattress industry.
For the record, a gimmick is something that sounds a lot better than it really is. It makes sense when you hear the salesman spin it, but ends up being totally useless.
Dunlop, also, comes in a variety of qualities. The Dunlop latex we offer is 100% pure...no fillers and no chemicals. In other words, the best on the market.
There is no substitute for quality. It's what provides the greatest value in the long term.

Dunlop is more dense than Talalay and makes an excellent support layer. Many of my best latex mattresses use a 6" Dunlop core. 
Add to that, any number of Talalay Latex topper for comfort like you won't believe...comfort that lasts and stays cool.
Quality latex does not create body impressions. 
Even our soft talaly latex topper at home, which is now 5 years old, still looks and feels like new....and the same high quality Dunlop is even stronger and more resilient.
My guess is that your latex is Chinese made...the worst on the planet...where the use clay as a filler and still called natural.
The clay greatly reduces the wear and durability. If your latex is sagging, it's likely to be made in China.

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Thanks, Pete

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