Which EverEden Latex Mattress is like my old Sealy Posturepedic SpringFree Glendale Oaks?

Michele writes:

Hello Peter
I'm disabled from severe crippling  back pain and I've purchased 3 cheap foam mattresses this year for my adjustable bed.
Then, I bought a 3" latex mattress because I couldn't afford nor find one identical to my last mattress that I loved dearly! 
PLEASE help me find one to match my beloved mattress!! 
I read where you helped someone else find a replacement so I'm praying you can do the same for me!! 
I had the Sealy Posturepedic  SpringFree Glendale Oaks 100% Latex Core Twin XL mattress.  
Which one of the EverEden mattresses is closest to  the Glendale Oaks? 
Thank You so much!! 

Hi Michele,
The 9" EverEden all latex mattress will produce the feel you're looking for.
When you order, opt for the 6" Dunlop Core in Medium and the 3" Talalay Top on Soft.
If that 3" of latex that you already have is soft, then you can save money by adding it to the top of their 6" model, ordered in medium.
Here is the link to those mattresses.

Please note: These mattresses arrive via UPS. From the description of condition, it sounds like you may need to enlist someone's help to bring it in for you.

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Thanks, Pete

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