Simmons Beautyrest Mattress at the La Quinta Hotel.

Debbie writes:

Hi Pete,
We recently stayed at a La Quinta Hotel and had the best night's sleep I had in years.
The mattress is a Simmons Beautyrest. That's all I know about it.
What can you tell me about this mattress and how do I go about buying one?
Thanks, Debbie

Hi Debbie,
For the vast majority of people, the individually pocketed coils of the Simmons Beautyrest is, overwhelmingly, the most comfortable mattress on the market.
Unfortunately, it isn't terribly durable.
The Simmons Beautyrest is used by more hotel and motel chains, than any other brand.
When my wife and I travel, we try to stay at places that feature Simmons Beautyrest mattresses....always a great night's sleep.
Hotel room are filled on a rotating basis, and are used 3-4 times a week, on average.
Even with this part time use, the mattresses are replaced every few years.
Those same mattresses, used in a master bedroom every night, will only last a couple of most...depending on body weight.
If you look online at reviews for Simmons Beautyrests, they aren't very good. In fact, they're horrible.

When shopping at stores, you are likely to indulge your sense of luxury and assume the quality is there for longevity. It isn't.
The salespeople are only too happy to tell you everything you want to hear, to make the quick and easy sale.
And so, plush and plush pillowtop models account for the majority of the sales and are the reason why the reviews are so bad.
The plush models use a much thinner gauge wire for the coils, than is found in the firmer models.
The upholstery is memory foam, primarily, which feels great initially, but loses it's support and comfort quickly.
You begin to see the wear within months and the mattress is shot in a year or two.
The diabolical part of all this, is the memory foam...which will return to it's original shape when you get off of the mattress...or, close enough to it, that you will not prevail in a warranty claim.
The purpose of the memory foam is to make the sale, and sell more mattresses more frequently to the same people.
It has created a boon for the industry and a nightmare for the consumer.

None of this changes the fact that the individually pocketed coils of the Simmons Beautyrest produces some of the best night's sleep you can get.
Most hotels/motels will use a Classic Beautyrest, from the low end of the line. Some of the higher end hotels will use a World Class Beautyrest, which has a much higher coil count.
For every night use by two adults, the World Class is where you need to start....specifically, the Luxury Firm model without a pillowtop.
The Luxury Firm is softer than the firm and extra firm models, but uses the same heavier gauge wire. It's where we start when accommodating most females.
The luxury firm does a better job of contouring the curvier shape of a female body...easing up on the shoulder and hip.
You'll add to that mattress, an EverEden all natural 2" Soft Talalay Latex lieu of the pillowtop.
Soft Latex is more comfortable than memory foam and will remain like new for many years.
The latex will absorb much of your body weight, causing the mattress to last a whole lot longer than Simmons intended.
Together, they provide the support and comfort you want...and provide them over a much longer period of that you also get your money's worth.
Here are links to the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Santorini in Luxury Firm...and to the EverEden Latex Toppers.
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There are many brands that use a pocketed coil system. Most are quite a bit different than what Simmons uses.
The Simmons coils are barrel shaped...a 9" coil pre-compressed into a 7" pocket.
The pockets are heat sealed together at the center, so that each coil moves independently from the rest.

In most of the others, you have a hour glass shaped coil. The coils and the pockets are the same height. The pockets are sealed together at the top and bottom.
These do not, at all, produce the same support and comfort as the Simmons Beautyrest.

If you are average in size, I suggest you stick with the Beautyrest/Latex Topper sleep system combination, as it is extremely comfy.
If you are heavier, there is a better option. My wife and I are large people, approx. 225 lbs. each. We sleep on a Natura Greenspring mattress.
Natura is a Canadian company. The Greenspring line uses the same coil system that is in the Simmons Beautyrest...same barrel shaped, pre-compressed, independently moving pocketed coils.
The differences are:
1) The steel from which the coils are made, are twice tempered. The Simmons coils are not tempered.
2) A higher coil count than used in the World Class.
3) Most importantly, the primary uphoilstery is natrual Talalay latex...and contains NO MEMEORY FOAM.
Because the components are more substantial and higher quality, their mattresses are not as soft as the Beautyrest/Latex Topper combo, shown above.
There are 5 choices of comfort in the line, with the Plush Eurotop model being the most comfortable of the 5.
That line, shown here:
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Thanks, Pete

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