Simmons Beautyrest Black Reyna Luxury Firm Mattress is Too Firm and Needs a Soft Latex Topper

Richard writes:

Hi Peter,
My wife and I are having a problem with a recently purchased Simmons Beautyrest Black Reyna Luxury Firm mattress. 
The mattress provides good support, but it is too firm and is causing pain in our hips when we sleep on our sides.  
The model we tested in the store seemed plenty soft, but ours has yet to loosen up any. We tested the plush model in the store, but it was too soft for us. 
From reading your blog, it appears that our best alternative is a latex topper. 
We are in our mid-50’s, each weighing in the upper 100’s, and we are side sleepers. 
Do you think the EverEden 2" Talalay in the soft version would provide enough cushioning, or do we need to consider the "Medium" version?  
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard,
My wife and I had an older version of that mattress, some years ago. We added the EverEden 2" Soft Talalay latex topper to it for the same reason as you.
My wife needed the extra cushioning for her sensitive hip.
Besides making the surface of the mattress more comfortable, it had a couple of other side benefits.
The memory foam, in the mattress, tends to sleep hot. The latex topper insulates you from the memory foam and sleeps cool.
Also, the latex absorbs much of your body weight, which staves off the development of body impressions in the mattress.
We tested that combination at home for 4 years. At which time, everything was still in like new condition....and that's with each of us in the 225 Lb. range.
Our son and his wife have had it every since, and it's still like new.
Here is a link to the EverEden Latex Toppers:
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Thanks, Pete

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