Pacific Coast Feather Bed Topper Added to a Mattress for Extra Surface Softness.

Lisa writes:

Hi Pete,
Hope you and your family are well, happy Easter to you all!  This year is already flying by!
Wanted to touch base after using our new Natura Greenspring mattress for a couple months now.
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Positives:  Quality is great, very impressive materials and workmanship. It's obvious that it's going to last for a very long time.  
Negatives:  it is very firm.  In fact, too firm for us, even with our 2" soft latex topper.  
I prefer a slighter firmer mattress, while Dave likes a softer cushion (I'm sure most couples don't agree - go figure!). But this is too firm for both our tastes.  
You've always maintained that you can soften a firmer mattress but can't firm up a soft, which is why I chose to go with the firm model.
Now, I'm wondering if we went too firm and what we can do to make this softer?  
Thanks for your advice & help!  

Hi Lisa,
I came across your paperwork the other day, and wondered how you were getting along on the firm model.
We are well, and we wish A Happy Easter to both of you.

The latex topper is the first option, because it's a maintenance free product...and, for most people, it does the job.
However, there is another "line of defense", for lack of a better term.
Here is a link to the Pacific Coast Feather Co. feather beds, which also includes an alternative down model.
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I like the alternative down because it doesn't need quite as much attention.
But, regardless of which you choose, a regular shaking to keep them fluffy is required.
However, they do provide more of a cloud like feel.
These, along with the latex topper, is something that we recommend and sell to people dealing with advanced cases of fibromyalgia...for the extra surface comfort.
This is something that you're looking for, as well.

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Thanks, Pete

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