Need Info on Pure Talalay Latex Bliss (Talalay Global) Nature All Talalay Latex Mattress.

Tara writes:

Hi Pete,
I'm interested in the Pure Bliss Nature All Talalay Latex mattress.
The info I need, I can't find anywhere.
Specifically, what are the ILD ratings for the layers of Talalay Latex used?
And, is the latex all natural botanical latex?
Thanks, Tara

Hi Tara,
Apparently, specific info about ILD ratings is not something that Pure Bliss is willing to share.
However, based on my experience and the feel of that mattress, my guess would be, "low to mid 30s for the 6" Talalay core, and mid 20s, or so, for the 4" top Talalay layer".
The latex is called "Natural Talalay". The word "Natural" is used to denote blended latex...30% natural and 70% synthetic.
The Synthetic latex is a molecular clone of the natural...producing the same feel and similar longevity.
The reason for using synthetic latex is to be able to pin point the end result each and every time...a Nature model you buy today, will feel the same as the Nature model you buy a month or year from now.
100% all natural latex can vary a little...much like varying grains of wood from the same type of tree.
The synthetic latex used no toxic chemicals in its use and while not a tasty snack, is safe enough for a baby to ingest.
When the company was called "pure LatexBLISS", they did make an organic line of mattresses, using 100% pure Talalay Latex.
They were sold and the new company, renamed "Talalay Global", dropped the organic line.
As I mentioned, they tend to be over priced. Their MSRP is a bit inflated and they don't allow their retailers to discount...or rather, to show a discounted price.
When it comes to "the sale", itself, we can be a bit more that rule is unenforceable.
So, I can offer you an additional 10% off of the prices shown here:
Order your pure LatexBLISS Mattress today from The Mattress Expert. This mattress provides proper support to relax muscles and relieve tension.
A lesser known brand, EverEden, produces a 100% all natrual latex mattress.
They use a 6" Vytex Dunlop Latex core...which is a bit more dense than Talalay Latex, making for better support.
The top layer is 100% pure Talalay.
Both layers are available in a choice of firmness and softness...making it customizable to your needs.
The prices are already discounted, so I can't take any more off. But, the prices are much more reasonable than PureBliss.
Shown here:
The Mattress Expert is your source for all natural latex mattress toppers including Talalay & Dunlop toppers. Click here for more information!
One of the reasons the prices are lower, is due to the UPS opposed to the White Glove delivery that comes with the purebliss Nature.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks, Pete

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