Latex Mattress Topper for Fifbromyalgia and a Chili Pad for Sleeping Hot.

Hi Pete,
Thanks for the ChiliPad link.  I'll definitely check it out.  It's warming up here in Utah so I need to find an alternate solution soon before it gets too hot. 

Question #1: Do you worry using the ChiliPad will have adverse effects on my osteoarthritis/bone degeneration/fibromyalgia? 
In a previous phone discussion we had, you mentioned sleeping on a somewhat-coolish waterbed for 20 years may have had adverse effects on my back.  
(To clarify: It wasn't that I didn't use the waterbed heater in the winter.  I just didn't turn it very high when we lived in Arizona.  
We DID unplug the heater during the summer, as we had some really HOT summers -- 120 degree days -- with only a swamp cooler for part of our early married years.  
During that time, even with the heater unplugged, the temperature of the waterbed was like sleeping on luke-warm bath water.  
When we moved to Utah, I don't remember ever unplugging the heater, although we did adjust the temperature down during the summertime.) 

I can't imagine "cooking in bed" is much better than sleeping on a too-cool surface.  Therefore, I hope the ChiliPad might be helpful as a middle ground choice.     
Question #2: Does your finely shredded latex pillow tend to sleep hotter than down pillows? 
I know latex is supposed to sleep cool, although the Flobed latex bed I have sleeps really hot, at least for me.  
I'm talking really hot!  Almost as hot as the memory foam topper I once bought from Costco.  
I don't want to make the same mistake with a latex pillow if it is just me that sleeps hot with latex.  (Or, perhaps, with any kind of foam, for that matter).  
That pillow does sound enticing, though.
Question #3Does the Dunlop latex topper sleep warmer than talalay? 

Question #4: How firm is the Dunlop topper compared to Talalay?
I do have some reservations about the Dunlop topper you suggested yesterday in our phone conversation, but mostly because I've never used it.  I am tender to the touch.  
I therefore cringe to think of sleeping on anything too hard, even though I know I need adequate support.  It's a Catch-22 situation.
Sorry for all the questions.  Because our finances are tight, I have to get it right the first time when I order from you.

Thanks, Sharlene

Hi Sharlene,
When you slept on your waterbed in the summer. I'm sure the coolness of the water felt great.
But, the water did draw the heat from your body.
The Chili Pad you will use under the latex topper. Between the latex on top, and the ability to set the temperature, you won't have to worry about that.

When sleeping you lose most of your body's heat through your head.
There is no pillow that will change that. So, unless you're using a memory foam pillow, (Which will cause you to sleep hotter than you normally would),
the latex pillow will not allow your head to sleep cooler than normal.
Regularly, through the night, it becomes necessary to flip your pillow to the cooler side....easy enough to do without fully waking up.
The benefit of the finely chopped latex pillow is to relieve chronic neck pain...and it does a fine job of that.

There is no difference in addressing body temperature, between the EverEden All Natural Dunlop and Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers.
The Mattress Expert is your source for all natural latex mattress toppers including Talalay & Dunlop toppers. Click here for more information!

I suggested the Dunlop because of your size. The Soft Dunlop Latex Topper is just a little less soft than the Soft Talalay Latex Topper.

The greater density of the Dunlop will last longer than the Talalay. And at your weight, I felt that it was a good compromise.
You can go with the Soft Talalay. It will be a bit more comfortable than the Dunlop, but will need to be replaced in a couple/few years, while the Dunlop will last longer.
There is always a trade-off when considering comfort vs. durability.
More comfortable isn't as durable.
More durable isn't as comfortable.
So, when making your choice, you have to decide which is more important.

Questions are not a problem. Consumers often get the short end of the stick when buying a mattress.
The industry is geared to keeping their lack of quality a secret.
A well educated consumer is far less likely to fall into the trap that has been set for them.

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Thanks, Pete

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