Fibromyalgia & Sealy Springfree River Crest Latex Mattress.

Jennifer writes:

Hi Pete,
My husband and I have been staying as guests in his mothers house for the past two weeks and I have NEVER slept this well in my entire life! 
Her Sealy Springfree River Crest latex mattress, is easily the best mattress I've ever slept on. 
I have fibromyalgia and sleep is both illusive and crucial- so any sleep is amazing but on this mattress I've been getting eight and nine hours a night. 
For me that's a miracle! Any help in finding an identical match would be amazing, as I know this mattress is no longer available. 
This one is probably 10 years old and is STILL fantastic! 
We've tried a few mattresses in the last few years because we need a new mattress desperately - and even tried memory foam (just awful) - with no luck. 
We had basically given up until now!
Thank you so very much for your help,

Hi Jennifer,
You've discovered the superior support and comfort of latex...thee best upholstery material for the last 100 years.
The one you slept on, was a combination of synthetic latex and topped with soft poly foam.
And while that combination isn't the best in the world of latex, it was still far better than anything else you tried.

Sealy is now owned by Tempurpedic. Even these latex mattresses have now been polluted with memory foam.

So, we turn to all natural latex. The EverEden 9" latex model...using a 6" medium Dunlop latex core, topped with 3" of soft Talalay Latex will provide you the quality sleep you're hoping for.
As good as that Sealy was, the quality of the latex in the EverEden mattress is better. In fact, it's the best...100% pure, all natural latex.
Here is a link to those mattresses: 

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Thanks, Pete

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