Replacing a Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress that has sagged.

Karen writes:

Hi Pete,
I am looking to buy a new mattress.  Always have bought Beautyrest, but the last one that I bought a few years ago (2008-2009) was a Black series and the worst.  
It sags and even buckles out on one side.  I am only 140 pounds  and my husband is 260.  We need a firm mattress but not too hard.  
I'm more concerned about its longevity, because paying for the high-end beautyrest was not worth it.  
What about others like Stearns and Foster, other Beautyrest mattresses, etc.
What is the best quality and best firm mattress option(s)?
Regards, Karen

Hi Karen,
You must have gotten one of the original Black models. It was during the first year they were produced, that they had a design flaw that caused the sides to bulge.
That particular problem was fixed by the following year.
However, the upholstery...poly and memory foams, don't hold up well under average weight, let alone 260 lbs.
The same is true for Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Serta, and a host of others...all loaded with memory foam and all worthless junk, at this point.
All of the name brands have crossed over to the dark to speak. They have abandoned long lasting quality for the higher profits that come with making mattresses that need to be replaced frequently.
It's all that memory foam, they use, that allows them to do this.
Even though memory foam will lose its support and comfort quickly, ( and I mean, within months of purchase), the memory foam will return to its original shape when you get out of bed...or close enough to it that you will not prevail in a warranty claim.

Your mattress, however, has a protruding and of itself, covered under the warranty.
You should file a warranty claim with your retailer, as your mattress is still within its warranty period.
You will need your receipt, the white "Law Label" at the head of the bed...and the mattress must be free of stains.
If your retailer is no longer in business, then you can file your claim with Simmons directly...through this link:
Simmons - If you have had a problem with your mattress and have a warranty, submit a claim here. We will get your mattress issue fixed.
Your husband's size requires that you stick with the a Black model in firm and top it with a latex topper.

This time, go with the starting model...the Calista in extra firm....shown here:
Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattresses are ON SALE with FREE DELIVERY from The Mattress Expert. Call today to place your order! 856-874-6894
The triple strand wire coils, that are unique to the Black models, is where we go for a man your husband's size.
Add to that, the EverEden All Natural 2" Soft Talalay Latex Topper...shown here:
Talalay Latex toppers are normally purchased as “Soft” for the purpose of softening a too firm mattress. However, both, the Vytex Dunlop & Talalay Latex Mattress ...
This will provide surface softness...absorb much of his body weight and add years of life to the mattress...preventing sagging.

This would be what to choose if you prevail in a warranty claim.

However, if the warranty claim does not pan out and you're starting from scratch, then I have a higher quality option for you.
Natura of Canada makes their Greenspring line, very much like the Simmons Beautyrests...with some important changes.
The Greenspring coils are double tempered, while the Simmons coils are not tempered. This makes them stronger and more resilient.
Also, the upholstery in the Greenspring models is natural Talalay Latex....with zero memory foam.
It's what we sleep on at home...with each of us in the 225 lb. range.
All in all, a much higher quality mattress, using much higher quality components.
There are 5 choices of comfort...shown here:
Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top. Experience deeper, more restorative sleep with the Liberty Plush Euro Mattress. Lush helpings of natural ingredients come together ...

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Protect your mattress from perspiration and other stains that will void the warranty of your new mattress.
Danican Waterproof Mattress Protectors Sleep Cool and Won't Shrink washed in hot water...fits up to 18"

Thanks, Pete

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