A Wolf Two Sided Mattress is like your Old Stearns & Foster Camdenhurst.

John writes:

Hi Pete,
My wife and I have an old Stearns & Foster Camdenhurst mattress, which we have enjoyed for many years.
It's time to replace it and we'd like to get another just like it.
We've been out shopping, but none of the S&F mattresses we've tried feels the same as our Camdenhurst.
Which model, in the Stearns & Foster line, has replaced it?
What do you sleep on?
Thanks, John
Hi John,
Nothing that Stearns & Foster makes today, is anything like what they used to make.
Since being purchased by Tempurpedic, every model in the line is loaded with memory foam...memory foam being the worst upholstery material ever invented for this purpose.
S&F used to be known as, "The Cadillac of the Industry". Now, it's just a bad joke, and the joke is on any and all consumers who buy one.
We had been a Sealy/Stearns & Foster retailer for many years. We dropped them when Tempurpedic ruined them, both.

That's not to say that you can't get a mattress like your old S&F Camdenhurst model.
It's a simple matter of matching the components used in the mattress. The brand name means nothing.

We have, from The Wolf Company, a two-sided flippable mattress that uses the very same components that are in your S&F Camdenhurst.
Wolf is a family owned and operated Midwest manufacturer...owned and operated by the Wolf family from when they were first established in 1873 to today.
They make a very fine product and their FedEx shipping method keeps the cost down.
The plush model is called "Brooklyn"....shown here:

Buy a mattress that will last as long as the warranty advertises. Buy a double sided, flippable mattress from The Mattress Expert Today!
All of the, so called, "Name Brands", have good to the dark side...using lots of memory foam, which is purposefully designed to need frequent replacing.
This business of selling more mattresses to the same people, more often, has created a boon for the industry and a nightmare for the consumer.
The name brands have betrayed the consumer's trust, which they had spent decades building...all for the sake of greater profits.
Not unlike many of our other industries. This corporate greed thing is not to be ignored...not if you want to get your money's worth.

I'm also sending you the link to the mattress my wife and I sleep on, which comes with white glove delivery.
The Natura Greenspring takes as much as 4 weeks to deliver...but, it's worth the wait if you have the time.
The Wolf mattress arrives in approx one week.


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Thanks, Pete

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