Adjustable Bed Base for a snoring husband. Sleep Number Mattress?

Patricia writes:

Hi Pete,
Does a Sleep Number bed really make for a better night’s rest?  
Will it truly stop snoring and back pain?  
We currently have a Simmons Beautyrest Black and my husband still has seriously bad snoring issues - as well as back pain when he wakes up.
We were thinking of switching to a sleep number bed with the split but the price makes me very skeptical.
Thanks , Patricia

Hi Patricia,
Sleep number is an air mattress, which provides no upward support for your spine.
Instead, it relies on displacement, like a waterbed.
The air will give at the heaviest parts of your body...usually at the hip and waist area.
This throws off the natural alignment of your spine and will worsen any back pain your husband is currently experiencing.
Thanks, Pete


Hi Pete,
Is there a adjustable bed frame that I could use with our mattress that will help with his snoring, or would that ruin our mattress?
Thanks, Patricia
Hi Patricia,
Yes. We carry an Adjusatble Bed Base from Glideaway that will relieve your husband's snoring, with enhancing his back pain and without ruining your mattress.
Here is the link to that.
The benefits of the Sleep Enhancement technology are numerous. The pulsation of a single vibe motor placed in the mid-back area provides an even, Total Body Vibration.
Their unique "Tilt" feature allows you to sleep with your head elevated for easier breathing, without bending your body, or the mattress, to do it. 
It allows you to sleep flat and in any position.

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Thanks, Pete

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