A New Mattress for RLS, Restless Leg Syndrome. Twin XLs?

Hi Pete,
First, Happy New Year!
Thank you for the wealth of information you provide on your mattress expert blog. 
I've been following you for some time searching for the illustrious holy grail of mattresses. 
I am a pretty violent sleeper due to being diagnosed with Restless leg syndrome which doesn't allow my hubby to sleep well. 
I just toss and turn too much without even knowing it. 
We currently have a 6 yr old Cal-King Beauty Rest Olivia Plush tight top.
We're thinking of purchasing two Twin XLs-each different based on our needs (so no longer dealing with motion transfer issue)
We'd need new frames for each.
I am 5'9" 126lbs, side-sleeper with RLS, neck/shoulder (disc/rotator cuff issues).  
Our current bed is too firm for me; I have consistent Hip/shoulder pain at the pressure points. 
My hubby is 6'3" 220lb, side sleeper with shoulder issues. He loves the firmness of our current bed-just hates my tossing/turning.
We test drove the Beauty Rest Blacks, Aireloom, and something called Sherwood Patriarch in stores. Sales people have no clue.  
I found the Aireloom the most comfortable on my hips and the most costly, with a Beauty Rest Black pillow top 2nd but always had your voice and notes in the back of my mind talking about the memory foam, breakdown of pillow tops, etc. and the value and longevity of latex. Not to mention my current BR hurts.  
I notice you've recommended the Natura Green spring Liberty Plush for women my size but am confused between all latex vs coiled/latex and which might be better if any?  I have allergies so the pure latex has an appeal to me but I am very sensitive to chemicals/perfumes etc.
If you were me, and you had any choice, which mattress would you choose given the situation? I'd love a good solid recommendation for my hubby as well.
Open to any and all advice-sincerely appreciate any time you can offer to educate!
Thank you-Dawn

Hi Dawn,
Before we get into all this, there's a good chance that you can get away with a topper to soften the mattress you have and a pillow for your neck.
The one thing that is causing you to think about a new mattress, is your RLS.

There's a chance of addressing that without going to the expense of a new mattress.
Get a pair of leg warmers...the kind dancers use. Wear them to bed, to keep your calves warm.
I've found that to work well.
If you like, give that a try first. Let me know.
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Thanks, Pete

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