A Good Mattress for a Good Night's Sleep.

Tami writes:

Hi Pete,
Thank you for taking my call. It's so nice to speak with someone in this business who actually knows their products.
Salespeople at stores only want to make a sale and are, otherwise, of very little help.
Just to refresh your memory, we are slender people with no particular physical problems.
We just want a good mattress that provides the support and comfort we need to get a good night's sleep.
I'm also interested in a pillow to address neck pain.
And, I want one of your waterproof mattress protectors.
If you can send me those links so that I can show my husband what we talked about, I'd be most appreciative.
Thanks, Tami

Hi Tami,
It was a pleasure speaking with you, earlier.
The mattress we talked about is the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Santorini in either, Luxury Firm or Extra Firm....with an EverEden 2" soft talalay latex mattress topper to go with it.
This combination sleep system provides the firm support your husband wants and a comfortable sleeping surface to relieve pressure points at the shoulder and hip.
Together, it's everything a body needs for a good night's sleep.
The latex topper is also the key to longevity. It absorbs so much of your body weight, as to greatly retard the wearing of the mattress.
We've been recommending this particular sleep system combo for the last decade...having sold hundreds of them...with zero complaints to show for it.
Here are the links to those products.
Beautyrest Recharge World Class Mattress is known for providing both comfort and support. Contact The Mattress Expert to order yours today! 856-874-6894
Talalay Latex toppers are normally purchased as “Soft” for the purpose of softening a too firm mattress. However, both, the Vytex Dunlop & Talalay Latex Mattress ...
We also talked about a pillow made of finely chopped latex, which you can mold around your head and neck...extremely comfortable and lasts for years.
Shown here:
Natural Talalay LatexDown Pillows
Also, the Danican waterproof mattress protector...all natural, sleeps cool and won't shrink.
Shown here:
Danican Mattress Protectors. All-Natural Waterproof Mattress Protectors Allergen Proof Dust Mite Proof Easy Fit protects mattresses up to 18″ deep.
These products are very high quality and last a very long time, providing excellent value.
Please, let me know if either of you have any further questions.

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Protect your mattress from perspiration and other stains that will void the warranty of your new mattress.
Danican Waterproof Mattress Protectors Sleep Cool and Won't Shrink washed in hot water...fits up to 18"

Thanks, Pete

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