Child's Mattress, latex or memory foam?

Kellie writes:

Hi Pete,
I am looking for a mattress for my 9 years old son. He only wants Tempur mattress. However, we are worried that Tempur mattress does not support his growing spine properly. 

Can you please advise whether we should be getting Tempur or pocketed spring mattress? Any recommendation?Thanks, Kellie

Hi Kellie,
This is precisely why you don't let a 9 year old decide what to buy.
Memory foam consists of 61 chemicals. Many of them are are toxic. Some of them are carcinogenic. It's a dangerous product that does the lousy job...and you're right to worry about it.
If you would like to get your child the very best, latex is what to buy. It's all natural, chemical free, and has been the best you can buy since the in terms of support, comfort and longevity. 
It isn't hyped on TV, which is where your child got the notion of wanting memory foam.
If you get him a latex mattress, he will never know the difference...and, he'll be able to take it with him when he moves out. 
It does everything that memory foam promises, does it better, without any of the negative side effects, and will last him well into adulthood. 
Our grandson is sleeping on a latex mattress...the EverEden 6" Vytex Dunlop Latex model, which is all you need to start.
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Thanks, Pete

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