Child's first mattress, Wolf Natural Latex Hybrid.

Marilyn writes:

Hi Pete,
I am looking into buying a full sized mattress for my daughter who will be 3 years old in January and moving from a crib into a "big girl" bed.  
On the top of my priority list is support for a growing child as well as having an "organic" or extremely low voc mattress.  
I have found a handful of options but also wanted to get your opinion as to the best choice out there.  
I have looked @ Naturepedic mattresses (specifically the 2 in 1) and also the Simmons Beautyrest.  
Naturepedic meets organic criteria but it seems like all reviews say the mattress is extremely firm.  
The Simmons Beautyrest appears to have a better feel although not 100% organic and I find conflicting reviews on what it is actually made of. 
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!  many thanks.

Hi Marilyn
Simmons uses memory foam, which is as far from organic as you can get.
The nice thing about Simmons is that the pocketed coil unit contours to shape of the body, which maintains the natural alignment of the spine.
Also, the pocketed coil system gives better at the hip...which will become an important feature when your daughter is older.
Since you're getting her a full size, this will be her mattress until she is grown and gone.
So, let me suggest something else.
Wolf is a very old family owned and operated manufacturer in the Mid-West. (Since 1872 and the boss's name is still Wolf).
They make a very fine product with their Latex Hybrid mattresses.
The "Adara" model uses a pocketed coil unit that is stronger than the Simmons. The steel coils in the Wolf Hybrids are twice tempered, while the Simmons coils are not tempered.
Better still, the upholstery is all natural latex and has a cotton cover....NO MEMORY FOAM, and no polyurethane foam.
It's not organic, but it's chemical free. My granddaughter sleeps on this mattress. She loves it and your daughter will, as well.
Here is the link to the Wolf Latex Hybrid models:
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Thanks, Pete

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