Ever-Eden 9" Latex Foam Mattress.

Tom writes:

On this Ever Eden 9" -( 6" Dunlop + 3" Talalay): Your product web page says it can be "glued or not glued". Sounds like the owner would apply the glue, since the order page says nothing about this, correct? And, where might I find the info. for adhesives? (I have not looked at the manufacture's site yet. Thank You, Tom

Hi Tom,

The option of gluing the Talalay layer to the Dunlop layer is for the sake of being exposed to the chemicals from which the the glue is made.
Used as a flat mattress, the glue is not needed. The two latex foam layers grip each other well enough that the glue is unnecessary.
The only time you would need them glued is if you were using the mattress on an adjustable bed base.
The gluing is done at the factory, if that is your option of choice.


Thanks, Pete
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