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Bonnie writes:

Hi Pete,
I have a U.S. address but I am inquiring from Canada. My husband and I are searching for a 2 sided mattress of superior quality, like they used to make. We have purchased several (very expensive) nonflip mattresses in the past few years with great disappointment. Everyone says  their mattress is the best. The brands that we have purchased are sealy, serta and simmons. We are frustrated with pot holes in our bed within 3 months time, only to sleep in my husband`s impressions in the mattress when we rotate it. I weigh 140 lbs. and my husband is 175.
I was reading on your website that you have 2 sided mattresses that sound good. We are not lovers of soft plushy pllowtops that you sink into. We need a mattress that is firm, yet very supportive and comfortable, without waking up with aches and pains. My husband is quite ill, had a transplant and is now requiring another, so it is important  that we find the right mattress of good quality without the disappointments.
I would so appreciate it if you would respond to this e-mail and any help you may be able to give me. If you have an alternative phone # that I could call  perhaps I could ask you some questions then. My concern is that I have never purchased a mattress before just by recommendation over the phone, so my question would be, Is there any place we could go to, to view a mattress before committing to it
Thanking you in advance for your response.

Hi Bonnie,
Our two sided mattresses are built using the best materials available. They were designed especially for us and engineered by me, response to so many who wrote and called wanting a return to that kind of quality.
They have been on the market for 5 years...initially field tested under the heaviest relatives I have. Over these years, not one has returned.
There is no place for you to try them....not that trying a mattress tells you anything of value.
The only model of the four that is comfortable, is the Cameo Plush.
Being the cushiest of the them, it was the first to be field tested, and we did so with a 300 pound person. She is still using the mattress and it still looks and feels like new.
I'm sure you won't be the support, comfort or performance.
We can't ship them over the border into Canada, but we can certainly send them to your US address...or to any US location along the border for you to pick up.
Delivery is free and there's no sales tax.
Here is the link to all of our two-sided mattress. They are all, as you requested, of "Superior Quality". There is no name brand mattress that comes close to them in quality and performance.

Therapedic Two-Sided Mattresses

Thanks, Pete
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