Economic Sealy Posture Promo Mattress.

Sherry writes:

I have a Sealy Posture Premier and it looks like that the r has a line over it making it look like an x (as in Sealy Posture Premier. And, it says JCPENNY EDGE plush under that. We love this mattress, and would like to purchase one like it. Where can I find one, or if they have discontinued them, what mattress did they replace it with? thank you, Sherry

Hi Sherry,
The Posture Premier line was renamed Posture Promo. Thankfully, they didn't change anything else. They are all good quality, basic mattresses...and reasonably priced.
My favorite is the Debonaire plush, having the best spec in the line....and being the same as your JCP model.

We no longer handle Sealy. They sold out to the Tempurpedic company.
However, Sears has this mattress as the Sealy Wallach Plush...and, at the lowest price you will find anywhere.
Their July 4th Sale is on now. Here is their link to that mattress. It is, by far, the best low cost mattress you can buy.
Sealy Wallach Select Plush

Sealy Wallach Select Plush Mattress 

Thanks, Pete
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