Therapedic Medi-Coil Two-Sided Mattress vs. Simmons Black

Dave writes:

Hi Pete,
I am 315 lbs, 6', 54 years old and have had both back and neck problems.  Previously, I slept on a TWIN XL Sleep Number Bed (my # was 45).  I don't have enough room for a Queen size bed, but I wanted more width.  So two days ago, I started the process by purchasing a Pragma Bed Mattress Platform FULL (elsewhere).  FULL XL would have been my first preference, but there doesn't seem to be many of this size mattress around (unless it is custom made).
Yesterday, I purchased both a FULL Talalay 2" Latex Topper and a Ever-Eden Nature Latex Bed Pillow from you (the Mattress Expert).
Now I am trying to decide which mattress to purchase [I want both support and comfort]:

(1) Simmons Beautyrest Black Ansleigh Plush  OR

(2) Therapedic Medi-Coil Permatuft Plush with Latex

Question #1 - Can either of these mattresses be put directly on the Pragma Bed Mattress Platform ?

Question #2 - What are the Pros and Cons of each of these two mattresses ?

Question #3 - Which of these do you recommend for me and why ?

Question #4 - Or do you recommend a different mattress ?

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,
The Ansleigh in luxury firm, is the softest of the Black mattresses I would suggest for you.
The plush model comes with lots of complaints...loses its shape too quickly.
The Ansleigh is more comfortable than the Medi-Coil. However, the Medi-Coil is a much stronger mattress. It's the only mattress specifically designed for people who carry extraordinary weight.
Many of our Medi-Coil customers top 500 pounds. It's a two sided mattress, fully tufted and will out last anything else by quite a long time. The Pragma quadrafold is ideal for that.
Any mattress will work on the Pragma base.
The topper you bought will provide comfort and pressure point relief.
My top pick for you is the Medi-Coil plush.

Here are links to the Black line and to our two-sided mattresses:

Therapedic "Medi Coil Ultimate Permatuft"

Simmons Beautyrest Black Ansleigh Luxury Firm

Thanks, Pete
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