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Bobby writes:


I'm going to be in the market here shortly for a new mattress and I was looking for a bit of advice from you guys. My girlfriend has a much harder time finding a comfortable bed than I do, and she primarily likes beds that are on the soft side, so that's what I'm after.

From the research I've done, I've concluded that I want an inner spring mattress, and I'd like to steer clear of the thick pillow top mattress's as I've learned they tend to break down and form indented spots easily over time making them much less comfortable. But from what I've also gathered, it seems that the beds being sold as soft beds are normally the ones with overly thick pillow tops. So per your sites recommendation, and what I've read as strongly recommended else where, I think I'd like a mattress that is supportive but maybe with a slightly softer coil, preferably pocket style coil for body conformity, and a not overly thick comfort layer on top, something durable and log lasting that won't indent easily over time. From there, I'd like to purchase a latex topper to go with the mattress to aid in softening it up a bit for my girlfriend, without being required to go too soft on the mattress itself for support and durability. 

I believe I've got it narrowed down to three of the mattress lines you guys carry, and was wondering if you could recommend a specific model for the needs I've outlined. 

The first mattress I'm considering is the Simmons beauty rest Black line. Now, I'm having a hard time differentiating between the models as some of them share the same name (i.e. Brooklyn) but a different description (plush), or the same description but a different name. I think I'm leaning towards the Ansleigh Plush, as it seems to me this is a somewhat softer mattress judging from the specs and description, but doesn't seem overly thick with a comfort layer. My main concern is that I don't really know what the "Plush" annotation actually means, and also if it's a pocket type coil or not. I'm wondering if you could comment on whether you would consider this a durable mattress, how firm it is, and if you feel it would fit my needs. 

Next I'm considering a mattress from the Simmons beauty rest Truenergy line. As this is a newer line, I'm under the impression that there aren't a ton of reviews out there but from what I've seen the initial response seems relatively positive. Again I think I'm looking at something with the "Plush" description, so probably the Amanda. I was also looking at the Chloe, but I'm not really sure what the difference is between a euro top and a pillow top. It seems like going from the Chloe to the Amanda, an extra 2 inches is added in mattress height. I'm assuming this is additional foam on top for the comfort layer, which could be a good thing if it's durable and doesn't indent easily over time. But if it's of lower quality foams, then it would probably be better for me to stick with the thinner Chloe mattress, with the addition of the topper for softness. 

The third mattress I'm considering is Therapedic two sided mattress you guys offer. From the sounds of it, this is a great mattress. My only issue is I'm not sure if it's right for me due the springs being the interlocked type and not the pocketed style I was looking for. If I were to get this mattress, it seems like the Medi-coil Permatuft plush w/latex is probably the one for me as it seems softer, but since it comes with the latex layer built in, I'm not sure if I would still need the latex topper to go with it or not to make it soft enough. 

Last but not least, the latex topper. I'm leaning towards the Talalay in either soft of medium. I'm wondering if the soft is extremely soft, to where you just sink right through it down to the mattress. If that's the case, then I will be leaning more towards the medium firmness. 

Any help and guidance you could give me regarding these specific mattresses, or any other mattress you'd like to recommend, would be great and help me out dearly as mattress research has been a little over whelming. 

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for your time. 

Hi Bobby,
You can't go wrong with any of those mattresses, so I'll start with the latex topper. The soft talalay is what you want. The question is 2" or 3"?
the degree of plushness, desired by your girlfriend, is what will determine this choice.
The Black models and the TruEnergy will do the most for contouring support and motion transfer reduction.
The Therapedics, while the most durable mattresses on the planet, are not suitable for either of those requirements.
My wife and I have the Black Ansleigh in plush/firm with a 2" soft talalay latex topper. It's the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.
I felt that the mattress alone was comfy enough, but my wife wanted more cushioning for her hip. Now, she can't get me out of bed...keeps telling me I need to get more exercise.
Anyway, The Ansleigh "plush" model has softer padding and is the only one of the 3 Ansleigh models that I field complaints about on a regular basis. The Ansleigh luxury firm has a heavier gauge wire than the plush/firm and is a good choice for heavier people.
The TruEnergy is basically the same as the Black when it comes to the upholstery materials. The difference is that every other row of coils in the Black line uses a triple strand wire, called a cable coil....the strongest coils used in today's market.
The Black models are a better long term value.
Given your girlfriend factor, start off with a plush/firm, regardless of which line you choose. It will be firm enough for support and pliable enough to be the perfect base support for the topper.
Most people for the 2" soft talalay latex topper to be enough. 
If you are both side sleepers, you may be ok with the 3". If either of you sleep on your back or stomach, even partly, stay with the 2"
Here are links to view those products.

Thanks, Pete
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